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Buckley Roof Curbs are made of 18 gauge galvanized steel or aluminum and are used to support roof fans.  We manufacture various models to meet the needs of different roofing applications and climates.

Note: We have discontinued the Model PFC and BRC-100 roof curb and replaced it with the GPI




Description Model(s)
97450 Buckley Roof Curb GPI
97452 Buckley Roof Curb BRC-P100
97458 Buckley Roof Curb BRC100P-MR
98203 Buckley Roof Curb - Dbl Pitch Peak BRC100-DP
97451 Buckley Roof Curb BRC-200
97459 Buckley Roof Curb BRC-300
97463 Buckley Roof Curb - Extended Base BRC-EB
97460 Buckley Roof Curb - Extended Base with Access Door BRC-EB/AD
97420 Buckley Perimeter Curb Support BRC-300-PCS-A
97473 Buckley Acoustic Roof Curb ARC-100
97472 Buckley Acoustic Roof Curb ARC-200
97474 Buckley Acoustic Roof Curb ARC-300
97471 Buckley Acoustic Roof Curb ARC-PFC
97476 Kitchen Exhaust Roof Curb KE-100
97475 Kitchen Exhaust Roof Curb Extension KE-100-EXT
97482 Buckley Curb Adapters BCA-100

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