Line Card

  • Fans & Ventilators – Varigreen Motors and Controls, Seismic and Wind-Rated, UL-Listed Smoke Exhaust Fans
  • Tempered Air Products – Energy Recovery, Dedicated OA Equipment, Indoor Air Handlers, MUA Units
  • Laboratory Exhaust Systems – High Plume and Dilution Blowers, Energy Recovery and VAV Solutions
  • Kitchen Ventilation Equipment – Kitchen Hoods, Variable Air Volume Solutions & Controls, Pollution Control Units
  • Dampers and Louvers – Fire/Smoke Dampers, Control Dampers, Custom Louvers and Finishes
  • Air Distribution – Registers, Grilles and Diffusers, Security Products, Industrial Products
  • Terminal and Fan Coil Equipment – Single Duct, Fan-Powered, Flow Control Stations, Horizontal/Vertical FCUs
  • Sound Control – Absorptive, Round, Rectangular, Elbow, Custom Silencers, Acoustical Panels and Enclosures
  • Sustainable Design – Active and Passive Beams, Displacement Ventilation, Natural Ventilation, Underfloor
  • Critical Environments – Venturi Valves and Controls,OR Suites with Access Ceilings, HEPA Diffusers

Air Distribution Products

Air Concepts

Jet Diffusers, Punkah and Nozzle Diffusers

AQC Industries

Underground Duct Systems


Textile Air Dispersion Products

Eastern Sheet Metal

Spiral Duct and Fittings


Flue and Chimney Exhaust Systems

PRO-R Duct

Outdoor Duct Systems

Van Packer Company

Exhaust and Ventilation Stacks, Zero Clearance Grease Duct

Young Regulator

Manual, Remote or Motorized Dampers and Controllers

Mechanical Products

Custom Air Handling Units


Air Pear Destratification Fans

AirMaid by Interzon

Grease and Odor Mitigation Products for Kitchen Exhaust

American Aldes

Airflow/Zone Controls and Heat/Energy Recovery Equipment

Big Ass Fans

High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) Fans

Source Capture Products for Vehicle Exhaust

Vertical Fan Coils with HR Core

CFM Continental Fan

Iris Dampers, FRP Fans, Speciality Fans


Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Fans for Corrosion Resistant and Hazardous Applications

Filtration Group

Air Filtration Products

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Systems


Duct Heaters, Electric Heat Products


UV-C Germicidal Disinfection Products

Low Dewpoint Dehumidifiation Energy Conservation AHU

Air Curtains and Air Doors


Semi-Custom DX Equipment and Custom Air Handling Units


Dust Collection Products


Car Park Ventilation Systems and Modular Air Handling Units

Tjernlund Products

Modulating Draft, Exhaust, and Combustion Air Systems


Pollution Control Units for Kitchen Exhaust


Radiant Panels and Chilled Sails

Mechanical Draft Inducers, Modulating Combustion Air Systems

Control Products

Acme Engineering Products

Gas Detection Systems

Antec Controls by Price

Venturi Valves, Lab and Healthcare Control Systems


Variable Frequency Drives


Electronic Thermal Dispersion Airflow Measurement

Intec Controls

Gas Detection Systems

LF Systems

Control Systems for Stairwell Pressurization and Laundry Exhaust

VRF Refrigerant System

Critical Control Systems for Hospitals and Laboratories


Gas Detection Systems