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Children’s Hospital Boston – Hale Family Building

Mechanical Engineer: BR+A Consulting Engineers
Mechanical Contractor: Cannistraro

Buckley worked alongside BR+A Consulting Engineers and Shepley Bulfinch on the design of the Price Industries UltraSuite operating room ceilings. The Buckley engineering team sponsored mock-up testing for the innovative design approach to prove out the approach. Buckley also helped to produce and coordinate ASHRAE-170 compliant layouts throughout the design and construction with Cannistraro.

The UltraSuite ceiling system utilizes integrated LED lighting within the laminar flow diffusers, putting the light directly above the table where the operating staff needs it. This lighting is fully dimmable and also available in green to reduce screen glare. The welded HGPL ceiling system allows for integration of equipment rails and Unistrut, offering an integrated approach with easy access to the ceiling plenum when required.

On the roof, Buckley provided multiple Greenheck Vektor fan arrays with N+1 operational capacity for critical spaces. These fans also utilize sound attenuating nozzles to maintain the proper sound levels at the property line.

20 Maguire Core and Shell

Mechanical Engineer/Contractor: Environmental Systems Inc

These two (2) 50,000 CFM Greenheck Vektor CH-1×3 high plume laboratory exhaust systems are coupled with a custom BKM energy recovery exhaust unit. The project had low overall height requirements and we worked closely with the design team to ensure the project’s strict delivery schedule was met. The report from the field came back with kudos for the ease of rigging and installation.

MIT Building 4

Mechanical Engineer: WSP Group
Mechanical Contractor: Corporate Mechanical

These Greenheck Laboratory Exhaust fans stand tall (due to a wind wake study) over the Charles River on the roof of MIT’s Building 4. Each stack features a Variable Geometry Nozzle (VGN) which allows the fan to modulate speed and retain a high outlet velocity. When running at full speed, the sound attenuating windband allows the university to comply with the strict noise ordinances in the city of Cambridge. The Greenheck Lab Coat corrosion-resistant coating will ensure that these fans will not be impacted by the harsh New England winters.

Maine Medical Center

Mechanical Engineer: AFK Group
Mechanical Contractor: Johnson & Jordan

Buckley recently completed two 83 square foot LED-lighted UltraSuites for operating rooms 11 and 17 at Maine Medical.  The suites include 126 square feet of a Hospital Grade Welded Ceiling System (Model HGWC) which is a fully customizable, heavy duty, extruded aluminum ceiling suspension system designed to support critical environments such as operating room suites. Johnson & Jordan mechanical completed the installation of operating room 11 in 2020 and operating room 17 in 2021.

Price UltraSuite

DCR North Point Maintenance Facility

Mechanical Engineer: Garcia, Galuska, Desousa (GGD)
Mechanical Contractor: Ambient Temperature Control

This LEED Gold certified facility required numerous Buckley solutions to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for DCR employees. Greenheck’s fire-ready hood, model GRRS, services the kitchen exhaust requirements while eliminating the need for an expensive commercial style hood and welded grease duct. Packaged on-board controls and appliance tie-in allow for ease of use by DCR staff, and the integral fire-suppression system provides essential protection against grease fires.

The Wash Bay is serviced by a Greenheck IGX, indirect fired make-up air unit, which provides a high level of tempered outdoor air, along with a modulating furnace to achieve precise firing rates. Three Big Ass Fan Powerfoil X3.0 are used for destratification to ensure that heated air, which often is trapped near the ceiling, is properly mixed back into the comfort zone. The destratification process ensures not only worker comfort, but also increased energy savings by satisfying thermostat setpoints and limiting heating run-time.

Greenheck Indirect-Fired Make Up Air Unit, Fire-Ready Range Hood, Big Ass Fans Powerfoil X3.0 w/ Harsh Environment Package

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Center

Mechanical Engineer: Vanderweil Engineers
Mechanical Contractor: Cox Engineering

This Greenheck Vektor system features a N+1 redundancy and packaged energy recovery coil. With this system, the end user is able to recover energy from the exhaust airstream and transfer that otherwise wasted energy to the supply air side of the system. The nozzles on this system are packed with acoustic media to help keep these fans quiet for the surrounding residential neighbors! All this, directly from the factory in a packaged, cost effective system.


Mechanical Engineer/Contractor: Lake HVAC

The scope for this lab expansion project included a new make-up air unit with packaged DX cooling and hot water heating from SolutionAir Group. The Exhaust side of the system is handled by a Greenheck Vektor MH fan with a glycol energy recovery loop which provides pre-heat to the MAU for an energy efficient lab design. This is a great example of how Buckley can provide packaged solutions for any lab project.


Mechanical Engineer: Building Engineering Resources
Mechanical Contractor: Atco Plumbing and Heating

We provided a Greenheck Vektor-H 2×1 system with factory integrated controls at Avastus. The factory BACnet compatible controls facilitates easy up start-up in the field and provides a turnkey solution whether its a stand alone system or BACnet integrated.

Rhode Island College

Mechanical Contractor: Coyne Mechanical

Jeremias provided a new boiler flue duct system at Rhode Island College.  The ductwork runs through a heat exchanger and then up an existing chimney to a roof mounted exhaust fan.

1 Lincoln Street Fitout

Sheet Metal Contractor: Commonwealth Vent Systems

Mechanical Contractor: EM Duggan
Seven floor office fitout featuring Price fan powered terminal boxes, ceiling diffusers, and return grilles.

Thermo Fisher Poros Manufacturing

Mechanical Engineer: DPS
Mechanical Contractor: Lake HVAC

This project features a multitude of products that Buckley offers. Greenheck Vektor-H lab exhaust fans with integral Vektor Control Packages and AQC Q-Duct (<=7” WG pressure class) are installed on the roof of the main building. Greenheck DOAS and MUA products are installed serving the auxiliary Boiler and Liquid Storage buildings. Price Industries sound attenuators are also utilized on the roof of the main building.

AQC Outdoor Preinsulated Roof Duct

Unitil NH Electric Seacoast Operations Facility

Mechanical Contractor: All Temp HVAC Corporation
Mechanical Engineer: Design Day Mechanicals

Recently completed start-up on (1) ERVe energy recovery unit and (2) RVE Dedicated Outdoor Air units with indirect gas-fired heating and packaged DX cooling to serve the 54,000 sq ft offices at Unitil Energy’s new regional facility in Exeter, NH.

The facility will be home to Unitil’s seacoast electric distribution operations as well as its forestry, engineering and centralized electric dispatch teams. During major weather events, the facility will also serve as the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the region and will support preparation, damage assessment, public safety, and restoration efforts as the hub of local operations.

Greenheck Dedicated Outdoor Air Energy Recovery Units
Big Ass Fans Basic 6 HVLS Fans

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