Duct Take-Off Fittings

Buckley Take-Off Fittings are used to run flexible duct from the main duct to air distribution outlets. We manufacture several models of take-offs for various types of applications.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
ATM – Air-Tite ConnectorATMView
ATMD – Air Tite Connector with DamperATMDView
M – Spin-In CollarsM; MDView
Equipment Supports

Equipment Supports

Buckley Equipment Supports are made of 18 gauge galvanized steel and are used to support roof-top equipment such as air conditioning units, chillers, and piping.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
ES100 – Equipment Support, Surface Mount StraightES-100View
ES200 – Equipment Support Surface Mount 45 Degree Cant StepES-200
ES300 – Equipment Support, Surface Mount 45 Degree CantES-300View

Duct Access Doors

Buckley Walk-In Access Doors are made of 24 gauge galvanized steel and are double gasketed to prevent leakage.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
WIAD – Walk in Access DoorWIADView
Fire Dampers

Fire Dampers

Buckley Static Fire Dampers are available in three models to meet the needs of any application. Fire Dampers are used in duct work for fire-rated wall/ceiling applications.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
150A – 1.5 HR-Rated Static Fire Damper150 Type AView
Informational Data150 Type A
150B – 1.5 HR-Rated Static Fire Damper150 Type BView
Informational Data150 Type B
150C – 1.5 HR-Rated Static Fire Damper – Round150 Type CView
Informational Data150 Type C
Flexible Duct

Flexible Aluminum Duct

Buckley Associates manufactures several types of both insulated and non-insulated flexible aluminum duct. Round Flexible Duct is used in HVAC applications to allow air flow from the main duct to the outlet.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
FF3 – Fabri-Flex Type 3, Non-InsulatedFFView
FF3P – Fabri-Flex Type 3P, InsulatedIFF3PView
FF3M – Fabri-Flex Type 3M, InsulatedIFF3MView
FF4 – Fabri-Flex Type 4, Non-InsulatedFFIVView
FF4P – Fabri-Flex Type 4P, InsulatedFFIV4PView
FF4M – Fabri-Flex Type 4M, InsulatedFFIV4MView
BD – Triple Lock Buck Duct, Non-InsulatedBDView
BDIP – Triple Lock Buck Duct, InsulatedBDIPView
BDIM – Triple Lock Buck Duct, InsulatedBDIMView

Transitions & Plenums

Buckley transitions are made of 26 gauge galvanized steel and are available in depths 3″ as standard stocked units. Transitions are used behind registers, grilles, or diffusers when flexible duct or round pipe is used.

Buckley Distribution Plenums are used with slot diffusers or bar grilles with a round neck for flex or round pipe connection.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
TR3 – Square to Round Transition, 3″ DeepTR-3View
DCBTR – Diffuser Boot TransitionDCBTRView
DCBTRS – Special Boot Transition for Oversize CollarsDCBTR-S
BDP – Distribution PlenumBDP

Roof Curbs

Buckley Roof Curbs are made of 18 gauge galvanized steel or aluminum and are used to support roof fans. We manufacture various models to meet the needs of different roofing applications and climates.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
GPI – Roof Curb, Straight Fully WeldedGPIView
GPIP – Pitched Roof CurbGPIP
GPIR – Double Pitched Ridged Roof CurbGPIR
BRC200 – Roof Curb, 45 Degree Cant StepBRC-200
BRC300 – Roof Curb, 45 Degree CantBRC-300
BCA – Curb AdapterBCA
KE100 – Kitchen Exhaust Vented Roof CurbKE-100View
KE100EXT – Kitchen Exhaust Vented Roof Curb ExtensionKE-100-EXT
ARC100 – Acoustic Roof Curb Fully WeldedARC-100
ARC200 – Acoustic Roof Curb, 45 Degree Cant StepARC-200
ARC300 – Acoustic Roof Curb, 45 Degree CantARC-300
Buck Duct Silencers


The Buckley Buck Duct Silencer is used to reduce noise in the duct work. We now manufacture Hospital Grade Buck Duct Silencers, which reduce noise even more significantly.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
BDS – Buck Duct Aluminum SilencerBDSView
BDSHG – Hospital Grade Buck Duct Aluminum SilencerBDSHGView
BDAP/M – Acoustical Low-Pressure Buck DuctBDAP, BDAMView
BDAHGP/M – Hospital Grade Acoustical Low PressureBDAHGP, BDAHGMView

Stamped Grilles

Buckley Stamped Grilles are available on a made-to-order basis and are available in various sizes and styles.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
Custom Stamped Grilles


Buckley Aluminum Louvers are made of extruded aluminum and designed to protect air intake and exhaust openings in building exterior walls.

DescriptionModel(s)Purchase Online
EAL4 – Extruded Aluminum Louver, 4″ BladeEAL-4View
EAL4DB – Extruded Aluminum Louver, 4″ Drainable BladeEAL-4DB
EAL2 – Extruded Aluminum Louver, 2″ BladeEAL-2
PELV100 – Penthouse Elevator Vented HoodPELV-100View