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Buckley Take-Off Fittings are used to run flexible duct from the main duct to air distribution outlets.  We manufacture several models of take-offs for various types of applications.



Description Model(s)
98312a Typical Duct Take-Off Informational Data
97470 Air-Tite Connections Specifications
97404 Buckley Air-Tite Connectors - ATM ATM
97404 Buckley Air-Tite Connectors - ATMD w/ Damper ATMD
97401 Bellmouth Take-Off Specifications
97410 Bellmouth Take-Off Comparison Test
97406 Bellmouth Fittings BM; BMD
97407 Mini Bellmouth Fittings M-BM; M-BMD
97402 Heavy Duty Bellmouth Specifications
97408 Heavy Duty Bellmouth Fittings HDBMD
98201 Optional Heavy Duty Bellmouth HDBMD-RL1x1.5
97469 Buckley Spin-In Fittings Specifications
97405 Metal Spin-In Collars M; MD
97413 3300 Take-Off Specifications
70303 Buckley Take-Off 3300; 3300D

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