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Buckley Associates manufactures several types of both insulated and non-insulated flexible aluminum duct.  Round Flexible Duct is used in HVAC applications to allow air flow from the main duct to the outlet.



Description Model(s)
01600 Fabri-Flex Type 3 Bare FF
01601 Fabri-Flex Type 3P Insulated IFF3P
70310 Fabri-Flex Type 3M Insulated IFF3M
01602 Fabri-Flex Type 4 Bare FFIV
01603 Fabri-Flex Type 4P Insulated FFIV4P
70309 Fabri-Flex Type 4M Insulated FFIV4M
01604 Triple Lock Buck Duct Bare BD
01605 Triple Lock Buck Duct Insulated BDIP BDIP
70311 Triple Lock Buck Duct Insulated BDIM BDIM
01611 Informational Data: Fabri-Flex  
01612 Informational Data: Buck Duct  

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