Price Industries

Price is a market leader in supplying air distribution, critical controls, and noise control products. After more than 70 years, Price remains a privately held family company with a deep heritage and commitment to innovation and service. Price’s long-standing vision, traditional values, and the Price way of doing business are the cornerstones of their leadership position in the non-residential air distribution industry. 



Beams use water to move energy through a building and service the building’s sensible (dry) cooling load, relying on the air-side simply to meet ventilation and latent (wet) load requirements. This drastically reduces primary air volumes supplied to a space and leads to energy savings, improved comfort levels, and ability to effectively integrate a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS). 


Price Controls have been developed to the same exacting test standards as the other Price products which they are designed to complement.

Critical Environments

Poor indoor air quality in a critical environment can compromise both the health of the people and the validity of the processes in that space. The choice of air distribution strategy throughout critical environments has a direct and significant impact on performance, energy usage and the ongoing maintenance of the facility and must be selected with these factors in mind. These environments are also subject to ongoing upgrades in standards, evolutions in technology, and changes to methodology, and as such must be flexible without compromising performance.   Price Critical Environment products offers leading edge solutions for laboratory and healthcare applications including Clean Rooms, Operating Room Suites, Patient Rooms, Isolation Rooms, Laboratories, and Pharmacies. 

Registers, Grilles, and Diffusers


An important step to efficient space comfort conditioning is the proper selection of air outlets in your application.  Price offers a complete line of registers, grilles, and diffusers to fit every application. 


Displacement ventilation provides low velocity air at around 65°F that relies on buoyancy forces to drive the air motion. Supply air spreads across the floor until encountering thermal plumes from heat sources that naturally drive the clean, conditioned air up through the breathing zone. Heat and contaminants are carried up to high-level return or exhaust grilles instead of getting recycled through the space. The result is high ventilation effectiveness and improved thermal comfort delivered in an energy efficient manner. 

Fan Coils

Price offers high performance fan coils (FCHG) that feature hydronic cooling and an energy efficient ECM motor which make these an ideal choice for LEED or Green projects, while low noise levels meet the needs of acoustically critical spaces such as classrooms and lecture halls. 

Noise Control

Price offers a complete line of noise control products including absorptive, film-lined, packless, and air transfer silencers plus a complete line of acoustic panels and enclosures. 

Terminal Units

A terminal unit is a device that is used to regulate the volume of conditioned primary air from the central air handler to the occupied space.  Price offers a variety of terminal units including single duct, fan powered, and fan powered for use with dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS). 


Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) is an alternative to traditional overhead air distribution that delivers air from a pressurized air plenum beneath a raised access floor, relying on the natural buoyancy of air to remove heat and contaminants.

VAV Diffusers

High performance air systems demand modern design approaches with leading-edge products and technology in order to optimize comfort and reduce energy consumption. A comfortable environment is achieved by providing the smallest possible zones of temperature control, allowing for individual temperature distribution and better air movement. Reduction in energy is realized by designing a low-pressure HVAC system that allows for maximum turn-down while maintaining temperatures.