Greenheck Fan Corporation

Greenheck is the worldwide leader in manufacturing high quality air movement, control and conditioning products that stand at the forefront of technology and performance.    They offer the most comprehensive line of ventilation equipment available including fans, dampers, louvers, kitchen ventilation systems, energy recovery, and make-up air units.  Greenheck equipment is used across a variety of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings in applications from comfort ventilation to manufacturing processes.  


Air Control

Air control products include dampers, louvers and gravity ventilators which meet a wide range of building applications. Damper applications include fire and smoke control in life safety systems to airflow control in commercial HVAC and industrial process systems. Louver and gravity ventilators products provide the passage of fresh air through exterior building openings while inhibiting the entrance of rain or other elements. 

  • Dampers 
  • Louvers 
  • Gravity Ventilators 

Air Conditioning

The variety of energy-efficient air conditioning products ensure optimal temperatures and humidity levels that keep occupants comfortable and employees productive. 

  • Make-Up Air 
  • Indoor Air Handling Units 
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems 
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators 
  • Duct Heaters 
  • Replacement HVAC Coils 


Discover a variety of controls to help manage airflow, maintain indoor air comfort, regulate power, reduce maintenance and maximize energy efficiency in a variety of ventilation applications. 

  • Vari-Green Controls 
  • Airflow Measurement 
  • Fan Monitoring Systems 
  • Motor Starters 

Air Movement Products

Air movement products (fans and blowers) draw fresh, outdoor air into non-residential buildings; circulate air throughout; and exhaust stagnant, smoky, greasy, unpleasant, and contaminated air and fumes from a building. Blower products can move airborne light materials such as sawdust, wood chips, dust, and other fine particles. 

  • Roof Mounted Fans 
  • Inline Fans 
  • Wall Mounted Fans 
  • Jet Fans 
  • HLVS Fans 
  • Circulators 
  • Ceiling Exhaust Fans 
  • Blowers 
  • Laboratory Exhaust Fans 
  • Fume Exhaust Fans 
  • Plenum Fans 

Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Since 1975 Greenheck has manufactured quality kitchen ventilation components and systems for restaurants and commercial kitchens. The breadth of our products and the experience of your local Greenheck representative offers you superior and reliable air movement, control and conditioning solutions you expect from an industry leader. Click on any of the product bubbles in the image of the Greenheck Grille or click the button below to view all kitchen ventilation products. 

  • Kitchen Exhaust Hoods 
  • Kitchen Controls 
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems 
  • Kitchen Distribution Systems 
  • Pollution Control Units 
  • Exhaust Fans 
  • Make-Up Air Units 
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems