Minimize Your Install on the Jobsite with the Price Intelligent Rooftop Controller

Tags: BACNET, Controller, Pre-Programmed, Price, Rooftop Controller

With today’s fast paced construction schedules and cost conscious owner-driven budgets, the Price Intelligent Controller (PIC) can deliver a turn-key control package with the ability to control rooftop equipment. Learn how you can save installation time and cost by leveraging the PIC controller on your next project.

Technical Agenda

  • The Price Zoning System will get you in and out of the job site quickly, and will save you time and money on your install
  • Plug & Play connections for 24 volt power, thermostats and BACnet
  • Pre-programmed controllers factory mounted and ready to go with easy to use setup menus using the provided LCD thermostats
  • Great solution for retrofits, tenant fitups and new installs