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Single and Double Wall Grease Duct Exhaust Systems

Jeremias is the leader in UL Listed Factory-Built Grease Duct systems. The new CK-series Commercial Kitchen product has been designed from the ground up to reduce cost and be the fastest/easiest to install. Want to learn more — watch our training video on Grease Duct Balancing and Shaft Requirements.

Jeremias SWCK

Single Wall – Round, Commercial Kitchen

Single-wall SWCK are no-weld alternatives to field-welded black steel. Manufactured in all stainless steel and they require 18-inch clearance to combustibles if left unwrapped. May be installed inside a non-combustible fire rated enclosure or wrapped in accordance with NFPA-96 requirements.

Jeremias stocks 2′ and 4′ pipe length, 45 and 87 degree elbows with access panels, and no-weld hood adapters.

Jeremias DWCK+1

Double Wall – Round Pre-Fabricated Grease Duct

Model DWCK+1 is a double-wall reduced clearance grease duct manufactured in all-stainless steel and has 1.5” of ceramic fiber, compressed into a 1.25” space between the inner and outer. This gives a dramatic reduced clearance to combustibles of 2-5″ depending on the pipe diameter.

In need of Zero Clearance Grease Duct? Check out Jeremias DWFL-ZC.

Van Packer GRZ

Double Wall – Rectangular Pre-Fabricated Grease Duct

Model GRZ is an industry leader for double wall pre-fabricated grease duct systems. It is the first rectangular grease duct listed to UL 2221 / ULC S144 for zero clearance applications. The model GRZ is also a 2 hour fire rated duct.

Grease and Odor Mitigation Solutions

Commercial kitchens can generate lots of grease, smoke, and odor. Buckley’s product solutions offer ways you can mitigate these issues.

Trion Grease Viper Commercial Kitchen Air Cleaner

The Trion Grease Viper series is designed to treat grease, smoke, and odor emissions from exhaust ducts on commercial cooking applications. The Grease Viper can be configured with multiple stages of filtration for both particulate and odor control and is typically furnished as a complete pollution control unit with automatic water-wash components for electrostatic precipitator filters; odor control section; exhaust fan; system rails; factory pre-piped fire suppression nozzles; and necessary controls.

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Local Installations:

  • Google – Boston
  • W Hotel – Boston
  • Tuscan Kitchen
  • High Street Place Food Hall

Airmaid Grease and Odor Mitigation

The AirMaid V-Series ozone generator is specially designed for restaurants, industrial kitchens or other organic material processing facilities where the requirements for odor elimination and/or grease control are very high. The small-footprint of the Airmaid generator and attractive price point provide for a cost-effective solution when compared with typical pollution control units.

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Local Installations:

  • Encore Casino
  • Whalburgers
  • America’s Test Kitchen
  • Taj Hotel Boston
  • Children’s Hospital Boston

Kitchen Ventilation Products

Greenheck is a single-source manufacturer of kitchen ventilation products including kitchen hoods, fans, make-up air, fire suppression, pollution control units, and energy management.

Greenheck Make Up Air Equipment

Select from a variety of make-up air units for commercial kitchen applications. Heating options include direct gas-fired, indirect gas-fired, steam, hot water and electric resistance. Available cooling options are evaporative cooling, direct expansion coils and chilled water coils. Each option ensures comfortable conditions for customers and staff.

Greenheck Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

Type I and II kitchen hoods provide total kitchen ventilation solutions for the capture of grease or condensate within any commercial kitchen application, including restaurants, industrial cooking process, and cafeterias. While Fire Ready Range Hoods provide ventilation and integral fire suppression for non-commercial kitchens within a commercial space including nursing homes, dormitories and office lunchrooms.

Destratification Fans

One of the simplest ways to retain diners is to ensure they’re comfortable in your restaurant. Big Ass Fans gently and silently move air throughout dining rooms and bars regulating temperature. Available both indoor and outdoor applications in a variety of styles, sizes, colors/finishes, with and without LED lights.

Haiku – Available in 52″, 60″, and 84″ diameters, the Haiku fan is handcrafted with premium materials and engineered with cutting-edge smart home technology, Haiku represents the pinnacle in style and innovation for light commercial ceiling fans. Available with Haiku’s UV-C fixture directs invisible light upward, killing viruses, bacteria, mold, and other harmful airborne agents that pass through the disinfection zone. Also available with LED downlight or uplight options.

Essence – Ranging from 8- to 14-ft in diameter, Essence is both an essential money-saving machine and a work of art for commercial spaces, indoors or out. With a gearless direct-drive motor that provides quiet, comforting air movement, Essence is ideal for any space from lobbies, pavilions and music venues to seaside dining and open-air theaters. The Essence fan is also available with optional UV-C technology.

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