OCTOBER 2017  
Demystifying Ceiling Radiation Dampers for use with Wood Truss Construction Projects

Since 2012 the Northeast has seen an increase of wood joist (WJ) and wood truss (WT) construction. In residential applications, HVAC design professionals are faced with the difficult task of maintaining a 1-hour fire rating at the floor-to-ceiling assembly, specifically in wood structures.

Selecting, specifying and ensuring the proper installation of ceiling radiation dampers (CRD's) in compliance with the ceiling assemblies ensures the integrity of rated assemblies which will restrict a heat source from penetrating into the ceiling/floor assembly.

While fire dampers are used to maintain the fire-resistance ratings of fire walls, barriers and partitions when penetrated by air duct or transfer openings; ceiling radiation dampers must used in the following situations (per IBC 717.6.2):

  • at the ceiling line where a duct penetrates the ceiling of a fire-resistance-rated floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling assembly
  • at the ceiling line where a diffuser with no duct attached penetrates the ceiling of a fire-resistance-rated floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling assembly

It's important that the engineer work hand in hand with the architect to ensure that ceiling radiation dampers that are being specified are compatible with the ceiling design number. In many cases the architect may not recognize that they are specifying a proprietary sponsored assembly which may limit the competitiveness on the project. Listed below are examples of sponsored design numbers with similar assembly construction. It is recommended that the design team clearly specify open design numbers whenever possible to ensure that you are not specifying a proprietary product.

Manufacturer Design Number Model
Greenheck M508 CRD-1WT, CRD-2WT
Pottorff L521 CFD-521
Crown L563 CRD50
Ruskin L533 CFD7T
Open L528  
Open L546  

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Greenheck CRD-1WT UL Floor to Ceiling Comparison
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Ensure Compliance with IMC-2015 401.2 with the American Aldes IQ-VFC

AldesFCUAmerican Aldes IQ-VFC is an intelligent ERV-integrated vertical fan coil ideally suited for compartmentalized in suite ventilation for projects such as high-rise apartments, condominiums, and hotels.  The IQ-VFC takes all the benefits of a standard vertical fan coil and builds in the energy-efficient ventilation of an Energy Recovery Ventilator.  The result is a heating, cooling, and ventilation solution that works smarter, saves space, reduces costs and will help the designer comply with recent code changes to the international mechanical code.  Specifically, IMC2015 Section 401.2  states that in buildings where the infiltration rate in a dwelling unit is less than 5 air changes per hour each dwelling unit shall be ventilated by mechanical means. 

The American Aldes IQ-VFC provides a packaged solution to meet this new code requirement.  Other advantages to utilizing a compartmentalized ventilation design are as follows.

  • Lower initial cost compared to central systems
  • Reduces required capacity of corridor pressurization systems
  • Less air leakage across building envelop leading to reduced stack effect
  • Better IAQ in each suite
  • Better occupant control

Technical Features:

  • Quiet, Backward-Inclined Impellers 
  • Enthalpic Membrane Core 
  • Highly Efficient EC Blower Motor
  • Water-to-Air Coil for Heating and Cooling

Word Document IQ by Aldes Intelligent HRV-ERV Vertical Fan Coil

Buckley Partners with Badger Meter for Fluid Measurement in New England

Buckley Associates is pleased to announce that we are the exclusive representative of Badger Meter, who specialize in fluid measurement solutions servicing HVAC hydronic chilled/hot water applications. Having represented many airside flow measurement products, we recognize the importance of optimizing your system design to
achieve the highest system performance possible by including both air and fluid measurement.

Badger Meter is a 112-year old company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has a large presence in the municipal and industrial flow metering markets. Badger manufactures every product they sell and their products are made in the USA.

Badger Meter LogoThe Badger Meter family of products provides reliable, accurate, energy calculations and integrated data communications to increase your building system's performance. For the HVAC market Badger offers products for three primary applications. They are listed below with specific model numbers for your reference.

Central Plant Control Products for Fluid Metering and BTU Measurement

  • SDI - Insertion Turbine
  • M2000 - Full Bore Electromagnetic
  • Dynasonic - Ultrasonic Clamp On
  • VN2000 - Vortex Steam Meter
  • Recordall - Positive Displacement Meters (Cost Effective solution for CT Blowdown and Makeup)

Tenant Sub Metering

Utility and Gas Metering

  • Sage 5100 Series - Thermal Mass Flow for Natural Gas measurement.
  • VN2000 - Vortex Steam Meter
  • M2000 - Electromagnetic Meter for Water

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Greenheck FumeJet Receives Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year Silver Award

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The Greenheck FumeJet pre-engineered fume exhaust system has been selected as one of the best new products of 2017 by the readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE). The FumeJet has taken the Silver award in the HVAC category of CSE's Product of the Year program.

The FumeJet packages efficient centrifugal fans with inlet accessories and configurable stacks to simplify design and installation while safely expelling fumes and odors. Our pre-engineered solution includes certified performance data and 115 mph wind load capabilities without guy-wires. Our most recent additions to the family include "No-Loss Stacks" and "Spring Curb Cap" options.

Greenheck FumeJet Product Brochure

Project Photos

Pipe Rack

This photo shows a portion of pipe rack for a project delivered to Norton, MA. 640 linear feet of pipe rack sits on top of an Environmental Air Systems provided 2445 ton OSC chiller plant. The pipe rack shipped in 17 sections and tied directly into the building steel. EAS specializes in the off site manufacturing of AHUs, central utility plants, data centers, penthouses.
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