Tags: Buckley, Chilled Beams, Decoupled Systems, Displacement Systems, DOAS Fan Powered Terminals, Price Industries, Sensible Fan Coils

Sensible Fan Coils, DOAS Fan Powered Terminals, Chilled Beams, Displacement Systems

Thursday, July 27 10am-3:30pm

Exposed Perimeter Chilled Beam project in Cambridge

This workshop will provide an in depth discussion on how to properly apply decoupled product technologies in a fully functional system. We will discuss how you can achieve lower energy consumption while meeting the latest revisions to the energy code by incorporating hydronic systems and sensible cooling devices in your building designs. Products include:

Buckley Training Facility

1099 Hingham Street, Rockland, MA

Agenda for Thursday, July 27

10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Morning Session

  • Introduction to Price Industries, Chilled Beams, sensible cooling fan powered terminals, displacement systems
  • Understanding the design of decoupled systems and the proper selection of chilled beams and other terminal equipment for an efficient and cost effective solution
  • Identify and understand energy code trends and how chilled beams, fan powered terminals, and other sensible only terminal devices can be utilized to meet industry standards

1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Afternoon Session

  • System integration for terminal units and chilled beams. How to properly specify and balance systems.
  • Discuss design philosophy, testing, and balancing procedure that allows for smooth installation and start-up.
  • Decoupled fan powered terminal cooling solutions.
  • Chilled beam selection software.
  • Optimizing terminal units performance through Price engineering toolkit for Excel.
  • Engineering toolkit for Revit and the Ripple HVAC toolkit.

About the Presenters

Chris Burroughs

Product Manager of Sustainable Systems

Price Industries

Chris is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and as Product Manager in Price’s Sustainable Systems division, is focused on Chilled Beams, Displacement Ventilation, Radiant and Underfloor Air Distribution solutions. Chris is actively engaged in product development, marketing, and manufacturing for these systems. Chris has been with Price Industries since 2013 working with various sustainable technologies. Chris currently participates in several ASHRAE committees including TC 5.3 Room Air Distribution and TC 9.7 Educational Facilities.

Mark Mahon

Application Engineering Manager

Price Industries

Mark has worked various roles at Price Industries in Research and Development, Design, and Application Engineering for Terminal Units and Fan Coil systems. He is a sitting member of various ASHRAE/AHRI committees including AHRI 860 and AHRI 440.

Matt Bhumbla

Vice President – Business Development Sustainable Systems

Price Industries

Matt Bhumbla has 20+ years of experience with HVAC Systems. In his 14+ years at Price Industries, he has worked in various roles including, Engineering Sales, Product Management, Business Unit Leadership, Product Launch, Business Development and System level sales. Matt serves at the national level of ASHRAE TC 5.3 & 6.5. He has been involved with system design and construction of 20+ million sq. ft. of commercial, institutional, healthcare, lab & K-12 spaces.