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Powered Aire provides ECM-based Air Curtain Solutions

Air CurtainBuckley Associates is now the exclusive represrentative of Powered Aire, a manufacturer of a wide range of air curtain products. Their product portfolio includes models that include: unheated, electric heated, hydronic, steam, direct/indirect fired gas, industrial, and custom applications. Air curtains improve comfort and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. Powered Aire can perform energy savings and payback calculations for your specific projects' location.

Did you know that using AMCA certified air curtains eliminates the requirement for a vestibule on commercial buildings per the changes to the 2015 IECC code? Many of your architect partners may not be aware of this!

Air curtains are also available with ECM motor technology that can reach full speed in less than 1 second compared to the competition whose ECM solutions can take 6-7 seconds to reach full speed significantly reducing the effectiveness of the air curtain. These motors are also very efficient even in fractional horsepower sizes.

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Greenheck Introduces Revit Content for Control and Life Safety Dampers

CAPS Revit Content
With the January 2017 release of CAPS 4.22 Revit downloads are available for control dampers (VCD series) and life safety dampers (FSD and SMD series). The Revit content includes the precise location, position, and overall assembly dimensions of externally mounted actuators.

The NFPA requires ample access to all operating FSD components. Utilizing the Revit content with accurate actuator locations will allow for the placement of access panels and doors in the design process. This will greatly reduce the field coordination that is often required by installing contractors.

To print the Revit content, save your CAPS file, click the print button next to the duplicate mark button, change the report type to Revit Model, select the marks you want Revit for, select OK.

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Ductsox Introduces Air Distribution Solutions for Indoor Growth Facilities

Growing FacilitiesWith marijuana being legalized throughout much of the country, cultivation facilities are providing engineers with unique design opportunities.

DuctSox Corporation, an industry leader for air dispersion solutions, has been in this market for many years, has developed several products for the plant growth market. Precise control of air movement through air permeable fabrics, laser cut orifices or linear vents and adjustable nozzles ensure a dispersion pattern appropriate for indoor growth of flowers, plants, vegetables and more.

Growing FacilityCompared to the metal alternative, flexible air permeable fabrics resist condensation and can be easily cleaned between growth cycles to ensure optimum growing conditions. Additionally, for greenhouse applications, fabrics may be up to 72% translucent. DuctSox provides solutions from an overhead location to create proper draft, under table supply for displacement dispersion or ensuring dry air near plant base - or even solutions for precise air movement in stability chambers for research enclosures. For your next indoor plant growth project, DuctSox has a solution.

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Greenheck eCAPS - Cross Product Selection with No Software to Install

Greenheck eCAPS is an online program that does not require installation or updates. It includes a Toolbox and online fan selection. The Toolbox offers application tools such as an online fan fundamental course, system effects simulator, and other new technology improvements in fan applications.

eCAPS Key Features:

  • Runs on iPads, tablets and computers
  • Fast: Easy in, easy out. No job files needed
  • Fan optimization formula -- based on first cost, fan efficiency and sound performance
  • Cross model selection compares multiple fan types
  • Web based. Available online. No installation, no updates, no admin rights issues

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