Transform Your Single-Phase AC Motor into an Intelligent ECM Motor

Tags: AC Motors, Aclectic, ECM, Photonic Controller

The Adaptive Photonic Controller (ACC) is for use with single-phase, AC fans, blowers, motors and electric heaters. This product presents an opportunity to improve performance and climate comfort in both retrofit and new construction applications. This is a cost-effective alternative to an ECM motor and can be used in multiple applications including:

  • Water/Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Packaged Terminal Units (PTAC, Unit Ventilator)
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Variable Air Volume Terminal Box
  • Exhaust Fans

How Does It Work?

The Adaptive Photonic Controller is a device that varies the speed of single-phase fan motors to match air circulation requirements. To achieve this, the device uses sensors and photonic processing techniques to manage/regulate the voltage supplied to the motor. Savings are achieved from fan speed reduction and control.

In the past several years over 40,000 adaptive controllers have been installed nationally. The product is validated by third party testing and approved as a prescribed efficiency measure in New York, Massachusetts and California.

Product Benefits

  • Dynamically Adjust Fan Speed based on Temperature, Pressure or CO2 specifications
  • Increases Thermal Comfort
  • Energy Saving Operation will reduce energy cost up to 45% and reduce kW demand
  • Quiet Operation due to Low Harmonics
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to an ECM motor