SystemAir High Efficiency DOAS Equipment with VRF Integration

The New England market has seen an increased need for high efficiency dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) with heat pump technology since the adoption of IECC-2021, ASHRAE-90.1 2019, and the new MA Stretch Energy Code. SystemAir provides a fully customizable, high quality, modular air handling unit that can fully integrate third-party VRF systems and controls and meets the efficiency requirements of the new energy code and is passive-house certified.

Technical Agenda

Geniox+ and Geniox Fully customizable, modular DOAS unit

  • Fully integrated third-party VRF controls and coils.
  • Modular Construction with airflows up to 65,000 CFM.
  • Energy Recovery options: 3A Enthalpy Wheel, Counter Flow Core, Run-Around Glycol Coil for Hazardous Exhaust.
  • Efficiencies that meet passive-house requirements.

Changeair Decentralized Air Handlers for Classrooms

  • Sophomore – A decentralized self-contained packaged classroom unit with an air-source heat pump or packaged AC.
  • Freshman – A classroom unit ventilators are flexible non-packaged units (no compressor) that allow for greater design options and cabinet choices.

Topvex ERVs

  • Slim, compact design with airflow range of 400 to 4,000 CFM
  • High efficiency rotary heat exchangers with efficiencies greater than 80%
  • Pre-programed factory controls with EC motors.