Safe and Effective Air Disinfection Featuring Big Ass Fans

Tags: Big Ass Fans, CFD, Clean Air System, HVLS, UV-C

Discussion on the different approaches engineers and contractors can take to reduce airborne pathogens by using HVLS fans coupled with UV-C or Ionization technology.

As public spaces continue to reopen keeping occupants safe is a primary concern for the owner, client and design team. When outfitted with UV-C or Ionization technology, the Big Ass Fans Clean Air System can kill 99.99% of airborne pathogens.

Technical Agenda

  • Learn how Big Ass Fans SpecLab CFD modeling tool can be leveraged to model airflow within complex facilities, trace pathogen mitigation, and verify upper zone UV coverage.
  • Assessing risk for occupied zone utilizing mathematical models and implementing into design strategies
  • Application and design considerations when applying UV-C and Ionization Technology in HVLS fans
  • Review real world design cases and effectiveness in creating a clean air breathing zone.