Properly Applying Air Curtains in Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Tags: Air Curtains, Air Doors, ASHRAE90.1, IECC2015, Powered Air, UV-C, Vestibules

This session focuses on the common challenges associated with building entrances and how to best mitigate air infiltration.

Available for use in Commercial or Industrial settings, air curtains (air doors) are a cost-effective solution to help maximize occupant comfort and energy savings. Powered Aire’s stainless-steel air curtains with ECM motor technology reach full speed in one second for increased effectiveness.

Technical Agenda

  • Develop an understanding of how to properly apply air curtains in the appropriate spaces
    • Commercial – Retail, Restaurants, Hospitals, Offices, Schools
    • Industrial – Warehouses, Grow Facilities
  • Understand how you can leverage ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2019 and IECC 2015 to remove vestibules from your designs and free up valuable real estate
  • New Product Technology
    • UVC-Aire Germ Control for reduction of airborne viruses including Coronavirus, Influenze (flu) and the common cold
    • Wind Sensor Air Curtain – An air curtain that reacts intuitively to the wind pushing at the door opening.