Optimize Car Park Ventilation Systems with Jet Fan Ventilation Solutions

Tags: Airflow Measurement, Gas Detection, Induction Fans, Jet Fans

Learn how to best apply garage ventilation strategies through the use of Jet Fans, Air Flow Measurement and Gas Detection.

Systemair designs and manufacturers a comprehensive line of Jet Fans designed to provide maximum performance and efficiencies for enclosed and underground parking garage ventilation needs. Jet Fan ventilation eliminates costly, ineffective and unsightly ducted systems associated with traditional ventilation design and allows sweep / shaft systems to operate more effectively and efficiently. Systemair provides design selection and layout assistance as well as proving our design with CFD analysis for larger, complex projects.

Technical Agenda

  • Design Goal & Code Requirement
  • Challenges of Traditional Solutions
  • Jet and Induction Fan Solutions – How do they work?
  • Optimizing Ventilation Design
  • Project Analysis and Energy Study
  • Summary and What We Offer
  • Product Overview and AMCA 250 Certification