Enhancements in Commercial Factory-Built Exhaust Systems

Tags: Gas Vent, Grease Duct, NFPA96, UL1978, UL2221

As equipment manufacturers continue to introduce more energy efficient equipment, venting requirements are more stringent and require more comprehensive design considerations. This presentation will help ensure that you are applying the proper venting material, clearances and vent routing requirements.

Technical Agenda

  • Code & Appliance Manufacturers Vent Routing Requirements
  • UL Standards and Testing for Grease Ducts, Gas Vents, and Pressure Stacks
  • ASHRAE Chimney Design Equation, now common venting condensing appliances
  • New NFPA-96 clear acceptance of UL-1978 and UL-2221 Grease Ducts and Enclosures
  • Conical forming vent pipe joints, no silicone or thermal bridges at joints
  • New all-in-one venting products that uses new special stainless steels
  • Fiber insulated exhaust systems for man-safe skin temperatures and zero clearance to combustibles
  • Real stainless-steel venting replacement for PVC, CPVC, and PP plastics
  • Fire Rated shaft enclosures for Grease Duct and Gas Vent systems