Design Strategies for High Bay Applications

Tags: Air Concepts, AQC, Big Ass Fans, Blue Duct, Destratification Fans, Fabric Ductwork, HVLS, Jet Nozzles, Price, Punkah Diffusers, Underground Ductwork

We will dive into the various design methods and product solutions for High Bay applications. Any space with a high ceiling and potential for high occupancy poses a challenge on the design for saving energy while keeping the space comfortable.

Learning Objectives

  • Define High Bay Application
  • Jet Theory and Throw
  • Types of Systems: Mixing Systems vs Displacement
  • Ventilation Effectiveness and Efficiency

Buckley Product Solutions for Atriums, Airport Terminals, Grocery Stores, Museums, Gymnasiums, Field Houses

  • Jet Nozzles and Punkah Diffusers
  • Architectural Linear Slot Diffusers
  • Destratification Fans (HVLS)
  • Ductwork: Fabric & Underground
  • Displacement Diffusers