Configuring High Performance Fan Coils to Meet Today’s Energy Codes and Noise Requirements

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Fan coils are an integral part of many mixed overhead distribution systems and are often treated as commodity product. Evaluating fan coils as part of an engineered system to optimize the building air and water-side design has become increasingly more important.

With the adoption of new energy codes and the application of fan coils in spaces with open ceilings, performance and sound needs to be closely examined. Price has recently expanded its Fan Coil offering to meet these common design challenges.

Technical Agenda

Fan Coil Overview

+How fan and blower coils impact the zone

+Hydronic and Air-side distribution strategies

+Products and Applications

Value Added Options and Accessories

+Fresh Air Inlet Configurations and DOAS applications

+Liner options and applicable applications

+Noise sensitive fan coil design and integral attenuators

+IAQ, improved filter pressure drop, and reduced power consumption

Case Studies

+Winnipeg Laboratory Mock-Up: Reducing Open Ceiling Fan Coil Noise

+Winnipeg Laboratory Mock-Up: Condensate management and dehumidification

+New York University: Custom DOAS Fan Coils for quiet applications