How the Changes to AHRI 1060 and ASHRAE 90.1 Standards Effect the Definition of Efficiency and what this means for how you specify Energy Recovery Equipment and verify its performance

Tags: AHRI1060, Airxchange, ASHRAE90.1, Ebtron, Efficiency, Energy Recovery

The webinar is intended to help engineers understand how the revisions to AHRI 1060 and ASHRAE 90.1 will affect Energy Recovery module selections. The goal is to ensure your selections will meet the intent of the revisions to the new standards.

Technical Agenda

  • Basics of Performance Metrics and Applications
  • Climate Zone Impact on Energy Recovery Performance
  • Different measures of efficiency
  • Lifetime cost impact of proper maintenance
  • Buckley solutions and recommendations for verifying and ensuring compliance
  • Applying Ebtron’s new Combination Air Flow and RH sensor
  • Review AFMS (Airflow Measurement Station) Placement Guidelines