Garage Ventilation Solutions

Strategies for Designing Effective and Efficient Car Park Ventilation Systems

Jet and Induction Fan Solutions

Systemair designs and manufacturers a comprehensive line of Jet Fans designed to provide maximum performance and efficiencies for enclosed and underground parking garage ventilation needs. Jet Fan ventilation eliminates costly, ineffective and unsightly ducted systems associated with traditional ventilation design and allows sweep / shaft systems to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Systemair IV-50EC

High Induction Centrifugal Jet Fan

The low profile IV-50 EC utilizes the combined performance factors including airflow, induction, thrust and throw to more effectively reduce CO levels and achieve a Dilution Ventilation Strategy in the most energy efficient manner. The Systemair IV-50EC is the first jet fan that is AMCA 250 certified for air and sound.


The Buckley and Systemair teams can provides design selection and layout assistance as well as proving our design with CFD analysis for larger, complex projects. 

Flow Control Tracking System with Housed Plenum Arrays

Price Flow Control Station


Flow Control Stations (FCS) are specially designed terminal units to monitor and control large volumes of air in both supply and exhaust systems. Multiple configuration options allow you to build the optimal assembly for your application. With dimensions up to 60″ x 24″ the FCS is able to accurately control much larger airflows than a typical terminal unit, making it an excellent solution for parking garage flow tracking. The FCS is equipped with Ebtron Gold Series airflow sensors that are ideal for continuous commissioning and other applications where high turndown with airflow accuracy of 3% of reading or better is required from 0-5,000 FPM and temperature accuracy of ± 0.15° from -20° to 160°F.

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Greenheck Housed Plenum Array


The HPA model is a direct drive plenum fan mounted inside a sound attenuating housing. Use as a single fan in sound critical applications or in parallel to construct a fan array system. Its modular design with a structural housing allows multiple modules to stack side-by-side and on top of one another to form an array or fan wall. Typical applications include packaged, built-up and custom air handlers, general supply, and return systems and retrofit projects.

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Gas Detection Systems

INTEC Controls offers a complete line of sensors and controllers used with ventilation systems to prevent the dangerous accumulation of toxic and combustible gases, including carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), methane (CH4), hydrogen , ammonia (NH3), refrigerant gases, and carbon dioxide (CO2). The Buckley team can assist you with layout and design of a system of a system or you can reference the Intec Design Guidelines.

Intec DGC6

Digital RS-485, Highly Configurable Controller for up to 96 Sensors

To control and alarm upon the presence of any toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases in parking garages, vehicle maintenance facilities, package distribution centers, tunnels, chiller/boiler rooms, laboratories, and more. The controller interfaces via binary outputs, 4-20 mA signals, and/or optional BACnet-IP and/or Modbus-RTU port with any compatible electronic control, DDC/PLC control or building automation system.

System Features

  • Digital Systems with networked Sensing and Control Devices (up to 96 daisy-chained sensors)
  • Single, Dual and Triple Gas Sensors
  • Relay and analog control modules local to the system controller or remote at the fans or motor control panels
  • Flexible Trunk Configuration

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Intec MGC2

Analog, Controller for up to 16 Sensors

To control and alarm upon the presence of any toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases. Any combination of the AT-11/3300 series or other 4-20 mA transmitters can be connected to the control unit. The controller can interface via binary outputs, a 4-20 mA signal, and/or an optional BACnet or Modbus port with any compatible electronic analog control, DDC/PLC control or automation system.

System Features

  • Analog multi-point gas detection system
  • Up to 16 home run single point sensors
  • Built-in LCD display, simple menu programming

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Dampers, Fans, and Airflow Measurement

Ebtron Airflow Measurement and Damper Solution


The EBTRON AIR-IQ package combines EBTRON’s Gold Series GTx116-PC high-performance airflow measurement technology with any TAMCO Series damper, providing unprecedented flexibility in airflow control.

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Greenheck Exhaust Fans

AER Sidewall Propeller

Axial wall supply fans are for factory and warehouse applications where high volumes of air and low pressures are required. These fans represent the most comprehensive propeller fan line for wall mount applications in the industry.

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