Streamline Terminal Box Selections with the Price Engineer Toolkit for Microsoft Excel

Tags: Dynamic Performance Schedules, Excel, Price, Toolkit

The selection process for low-temperature hot water reheat coils for terminal equipment can be time consuming and often results in inaccurate performance in the schedule.

In order to streamline your teams workflow and simplify product selection, Price has developed the Engineer Toolkit for Excel – the industry’s first fully cloud-based terminal performance solution embedded within Microsoft Excel.

The Engineer Toolkit maximizes the speed of Excel-based schedules with the accuracy of performance found in Price software and catalogs.

By embedding new functions that work just like familiar Excel functions (such as “SUM” or “COUNT,” for example), it is possible to dynamically extract actual Price terminal box performance such as pressure drop, hot water coil capacity and sound performance.

Join us February 14 or 16 for Virtual Training on the Toolkit

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use Excel Plugin
  • Create Custom Schedules with Coil Configurations- calculate accurate product performance based on Price cataloged data and algorithms, including dynamically sizing the terminal box based on your requirements.
  • When the need to customize your own coil selection for selecting low temperature hot water coils, you to easily cycle through all available Price Water Coil options. We’ve included models, sizes, casing types and coil types.
  • Cross Reference- Easily cross reference other manufacturers against Price model numbers.
  • For sound sensitive applications, we provide catalogued performance data for both discharge and radiated sound levels. Calculations are given to you for accurate performance numbers in real-time based on your own product configurations. Catalog published data is tested as one complete assembly, per the terminal unit test method ASHRAE 130. This results in quiet terminal unit assemblies with predictable, repeatable, reliable sound performance.