Climetec Vertical Fan Coil w/ Energy Recovery Core Now Available for use with Carrier Split Systems

Tags: Climetec, Energy Recovery, Fan Coil

As demand of multi-family residential apartments and condominiums continues to grow, architects and engineers are looking for cost-effective design strategies to meet changes in the building codes. (ASHRAE 90.1, IBC, IEC, IMC)

Climetec has introduced a vertical fan coil with a built in thermal recovery core. The result is a packaged heating, cooling, and ventilation solution that works smarter, saves space, and reduces costs.

In addition to the standard offering of 2- and 4-pipe configuration, we now offer a packaged offering with Carrier/Toshiba split systems.

Now Available for use with:

  • Carrier/Toshiba DLS Heat Pumps
  • Carrier/Toshiba VRF “DX