64 Pleasant Street in Watertown

Tags: Energy Recovery, SolutionAir, Vektor

All units at 64 Pleasant Street in Watertown are rigged up and ready for operation! Buckley provided six SolutionAir Group semi-custom make-up air units and six Vektor bolt-on ERS systems for this spec lab building. The SolutionAir AHUs feature 2” spray foam construction, structural steel bases, integral sound attenuation sections, chilled water coils, and indirect gas fired heat, and a pre-heat energy recovery coil. Buckley traveled to Winnipeg, MB earlier in the project for witness testing of the SolutionAir units to ensure that we were delivering exactly what the project required without compromise. The Vektor systems feature a bolt on heat recovery coil which significantly reduces the up-front cost of installing an energy recovery system for a lab system under 20,000 CFM.

General Contractor: Columbia Construction

Mechanical Contractor: Lake

Mechanical Engineer: AHA Consulting Engineers