Virtual Event: Indoor Air Quality for High Performance Buildings

Tags: Bipolar Ionization, Ebtron, GPS

Wednesday, November 9 and Thursday, November 10

Course Objectives:
To provide HVAC design guidance on how to improve indoor air quality in commercial buildings. Focus on control strategies and technology that can improve current conditions within built environments.


Airflow Technology for use with Today’s High Performance Buildings

Learning Objectives:

  • Why Measure Airflow
  •  Industry updates that need to be addressed with design build or plan and spec projects given COVID19.
  • How do other ATC contractors leverage EBTRON to get a competitive advantage.
  • Things you need to know about an EBTRON Airflow Measurement Station.
  • How to improve your Demand Control Ventilation Strategies (DCV)

Wednesday, November 9

Thursday, November 10

The HVAC System’s Role in Improving Indoor Air Quality in Buildings

Learning Objectives:

  • ASHRAE guidance to building managers during pandemic.
  • Options to supplement ventilation & filtration.
  • Bipolar ionization 101 (what it is and benefits)
  • Product applications (duct mounted, coil cleaning, odor control)
  • Field studies
  • IAQ best practices among end users
  • Q&A 

Wednesday, November 9

Thursday, November 10