OCTOBER 2016  
Buckley Enters into Exclusive Dealer Agreement with Big Ass Fans

Big Ass FansBuckley Associates is happy to announce that we have entered into an exclusive dealer agreement with Big Ass Solutions, the most well-known manufacturer of high volume low speed (HVLS) fans. Buckley is able to provide you with exclusive dealer pricing and engineering assistance for all of your HVLS fan needs.

Big Ass Solutions has more than just fans for industrial spaces; they have hundreds of case studies and thousands of installations in agriculture, aviation, education, fitness, government, industrial, and automotive facilities as well as residences.

Buckley and Big Ass Solutions are ready to assist engineers with design, specifications, and CFD analysis. We also have the ability to estimate energy savings for your projects. With over 40 LEED accredited employees dedicated to the design team at BAS backing up the Buckley team, we are ready to support your engineering, contractor, architectural, and end-user needs.

The technical data provided by BAS is backed by testing done in their research and development lab, the largest facility in the world dedicated to testing air movement on a grand scale. Big Ass Solutions has the ability to build replica classrooms, offices, warehouses and residences to test airflow and distribution with their fans. In addition to their technical data, Revit content is available for all of their products as well as drawing files. These files can be downloaded directly from the BAS website or by contacting your Buckley Representative.

Please contact us with any questions on Big Ass Solutions products and design assistance.Vincent Maccarrone

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Comply with IEEE-519 Requirements Using Danfoss PHD Drives

PHD DriveDanfoss has developed the Preferred Harmonic Design (PHD) drive to ensure that your job easily complies with the stringent harmonic requirements of standard IEEE-519. The PHD utilizes a six pulse drive with a pre-integrated harmonic filtering technology which mitigates harmonic distortion to a much lower level at turndown than other technologies in the marketplace.

Compared to an 18 Pulse drive design, the PHD has a smaller footprint, produces less heat and operates more efficiently. Unlike designs that incorporate a loose six pulse drive with a Harmonic filter the PHD drive comes in a single, UL listed assembly that meets California seismic requirements. By providing the drive pre-integrated with the harmonic filter the PHD avoids field wiring issues and labor on your next job. Another benefit to providing the PHD package is that the Danfoss warranty and service coverage is extended to the integrated filter.

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With IBC 2015 Adoption Forthcoming What Does this Mean for Your Louver Specs?

With Massachusetts due to adopt the IBC 2015 this winter, all intake and exhaust louvers will be required to comply with the AMCA 550 standard for High Velocity Wind Driven Rain. Coastal areas will also need to comply with AMCA 540 for Wind Borne Debris Testing. In order to pass AMCA 550, less than 1% of the total sprayed water volume may penetrate the louver while experiencing wind speeds up to 110 MPH and a rainfall rate of 8.8" per hour.

IBC Adoption
Greenheck has worked to provide a comprehensive list of louvers that meet AMCA 540 and AMCA 550; they have been used for years in states that have already adopted the IBC 2012 and 2015. Some of the most commonly used louvers do not meet these standards; horizontal blades do not offer as good of protection from wind driven rain as vertical bladed louvers. Greenheck created the new EVH-901 louver, its dual direction blades provide protection against water penetration while allowing high volumes of intake or exhaust to pass though. Greenheck also offers single direction blades in vertical and horizontal that meet AMCA 540 and AMCA 550; the EVH-501 has a 5" frame depth with vertical blades and 54% free area.

Greenheck and Buckley are ready for Massachusetts to adopt the IBC 2015. See Greenheck's options for louvers that meet the requirements while maintaining great performance and appearance.

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Aldes Introduces Compact Energy Recovery Units for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Aldes UnitAmerican Aldes now offers the InspirAIR line of compact energy recovery units for ventilating multi-unit residential buildings. Two sizes delivering 80 and 130 CFM are perfect for condos, dorms, and elderly housing.

Both ERV units are ETL listed, HVI certified and include latent transfer core technology, high efficient filters, and recirculation frost control (no drains required). Easy access is provided for servicing filters and the supply and exhaust blowers are electronic independent speed controlled. Motor operation is extremely quiet and the units are suspended on vibration isolators.

With a variety of remote wall panels to choose from for speed, timer, dehumidification, and multi-mode control consider specifying one of these compact energy recovery units from American Aldes on your future residential multi-unit projects.

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Greenheck eCAPS - Cross Product Selection with No Software to Install

Greenheck eCAPS is an online program that does not require installation or updates. It includes a Toolbox and online fan selection. The Toolbox offers application tools such as an online fan fundamental course, system effects simulator, and other new technology improvements in fan applications.

eCAPS Key Features:

  • Runs on iPads, tablets and computers
  • Fast: Easy in, easy out. No job files needed
  • Fan optimization formula -- based on first cost, fan efficiency and sound performance
  • Cross model selection compares multiple fan types
  • Web based. Available online. No installation, no updates, no admin rights issues

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