Price Enters the Hospital and Laboratory Control Market

Vincent Maccarrone After manufacturing venturi valves through an OEM relationship for over 10 years, Price Industries recognized an opportunity existed in the market for a complete single source solution for hospital and laboratory controls.

Price is already a market leader in the noise control and terminal equipment sector which provided them with a strong foundation to develop critical control solutions.

Venturi ValveAs a single source solution provider, Price manufacturers and tests all the components of these systems. All silencers and reheat coils are tested and manufactured in house with designs optimized for closed-coupling with Price venturi valves.

ControllerPrice offers a complete product line which includes:

  • Venturi Valves w/ Integral HWC, Silencers
  • Reheat and Electric Coils
  • Silencers
  • Fume Hood Controls
  • Laboratory Space Controls
  • Hospital Room Pressure Monitors and Controls

Buckley is well positioned to provide both engineering and field support for this product throughout New England. Michael Leydon leads Buckley’s control products group and is well versed with system design for hospital and lab control systems along with electronic airflow measurement products.

Buckley has partnered with J.C. Cannistraro to provide startup, commissioning, and service for the Price Critical Control systems.

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Vincent Maccarrone

Vice President
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American Aldes Introduces Selection Software for its line of Energy Recovery Equipment

Aldes Software
Buckley Associates has been providing heat and energy recovery ventilation solutions for medium to large applications for many years. Buckley now represents American Aldes in order to better provide our customers with a complete energy recovery line servicing all market needs. American Aldes offers the most advanced HRV and ERV units designed and built to meet any application, and to meet ASHRAE 62 or LEED platinum certification. Aldes is the most attractive small volume energy recovery unit due to its ability to be customizable while remaining cost competitive.

Aldes provides a wide range of units including commercial HRV’s and ERV’s from 250 to 4,500 CFM and extremely customizable units up to 10,000 CFM. Their standard commercial series has recently added a high-latent-transfer enthalpy core, EC Motors, and additional frost control and heating options. These new features increase the efficiencies while keeping the units cost-competitive. Aldes also offers an indoor and outdoor low profile unit with a plate exchanger for commercial projects that are spatially or architecturally constrained. These units have been installed in commercial and medical offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, single home residences, apartment complexes and more. Engineers can specify exactly what they need for each project without being concerned about not meeting project requirements.

The selection software, Selector Aeromatic, can be downloaded from the Aldes website and assists in complete unit selection from sizing and design conditions to core material, controls, and accessories. The software allows engineers to pick their own units and export them to Buckley for review and quick pricing as well as to Excel to create schedules.

Aldes shows its superiority over other energy recovery systems in its core; while other manufacturers use paper cores, Aldes uses a Polypropylene core that is strong and can be washed down with a hose. The five different core options make these units well suited to the New England winter and summer for either sensible heat recovery or sensible and latent recovery.

Please contact us for assistance in specifying American Aldes heat and energy recovery ventilators or for help downloading the selection software.

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Aldes Software

Holiday Inn Chooses AirMaid to Remove Grease and Odor

Airmaid Video
The restaurant kitchen at the Holiday Inn Civic Center in San Francisco had multiple problems with its existing pollution control unit including high use of consumables, filthy grease filter cabinets and a fan that was shaking itself to pieces.

When looking into different solutions, the local sales representative recommended a new technology to the project engineers for mitigating grease and odors using ozone – AirMaid by Interzon of Stockholm, Sweden.

In March of this year, after installing a new axial fan the new ozone generators were easily integrated into the existing ductwork, even with tight space requirements above the inner ceiling.

Everyone involved is very satisfied with the results Ron Tinkey of City Mechanical was responsible for the installation: “We are all excited about this innovative approach to pollution control on kitchen exhaust and other applications. We have installed several of the earlier pollution control units of massive proportions with extensive structural requirements to support those 16’ giants above the ceilings.”

Q-Duct Outdoor Duct System
The AirMaid ozone generators have now been running for over two months and the results are impressive. Ron Tinkey, who has seen thousands of ducts, keeps it simple: “The inside of the duct is cleaner than the outside!“

Andy Earle, Chief Engineer of The Holiday Inn noticed results from a different perspective: “We feel that there is less grease buildup on the glass windows and sliding glass doors above the kitchen exhaust outlet.”

Toby Lee, Project Manager of MHC Engineers had this to say about their choice of AirMaid: “The existing kitchen ventilation system upgrade at Holiday Inn, Civic Center is a challenge with limited available ceiling space for equipment and compressed kitchen shutdown schedule. AirMaid ozone generator proves to be the most practical and effective solution in terms of cost and performance.”

The market for AirMaid is growing with several installations complete in Boston, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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Brendan Sullivan
Brendan Sullivan joined the Buckley control products group in July as a Sales Representative. Brendan's focus is to provide sales support to the engineering and ATC contractors for our control products including Ebtron Airflow Measurement, Danfoss VFDs, and TSI hospital and laboratory control products. His contact information is below:

Brendan Sullivan
(781) 681-3278
Cell: (781) 254-5926

Product Update

Vertical Damper
UL Rated Fire and Combination Fire/Smoke Damper for Horizontal Non-Concrete Barriers

Greenheck introduces the industry’s first line of fire and combination fire/smoke dampers approved for installation in horizontal, non-concrete, fire rated barriers. Greenheck’s DFD, FD and FSD Series dampers can now be specified for use in UL floor/ceiling design I503, which is a two-hour fire rated floor/ceiling assembly made from steel studs and gypsum board. This unique installation method greatly simplifies the difficult task designers and contractors face trying to protect duct penetrations at the top and bottom of fire-rated building shafts.

These selections are now available within CAPS.

Software Downloads
Price Industries
Price All In One Selection Software for Engineers
Includes Terminals, GRD, Critical Environments, Beams, Fan Coils, and Displacement Selection

Price Room Designer for Displacement Products
Properly position and size displacement products within any room with instant ADPI calculations

eCAPS Fan Application Suite
Designed for engineers. It includes online fan selection and a Toolbox. No software to install.

Greenheck CAPS Selection Software

Includes fans, louvers, dampers, laboratory exhaust systems, energy recovery, make-up air, kitchen exhaust...
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