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November 2012

Buckdate: news and updates for specifying engineers

Vincent MaccarroneTo Specifying Engineers:

As Price continues to take a leading role in the development within the HVAC industry, the new 7th Edition Product Catalog incorporates some great new products. This includes performance data and exciting new product categories that take us well beyond simple air distribution. Listed below are some highlights.

  • Price Custom Flow diffusers are now compatible with the Armstrong® TechZone™ style ceiling.
  • The introduction of the NEW Price Venturi Valves
  • Price’s full range of highly competitive fan coils and blower coils include the most requested features and performance characteristics. Featured is the Genesis High Performance Fan Coil with cataloged sound data and optional discharge silencer.
  • Version 7 CatalogNew chilled beam offering including credible performance data, tested to the only recognized standards for beam products: for capacity, EN15116; and for noise and throw, ASHRAE 70.
  • New natural ventilation product offering includes a roof stack unit which is ideally suited to areas with high internal occupancies and heat gains; and an atrium mounted unit for low energy ventilation of single or multi-story buildings where rooms are connected to a central atrium.
  • Price now offers a wide variety of configurations in absorptive, film-lined, packless, and air transfer silencers, along with acoustic louvers and panels—all tested to the latest ASTM-E477 standard in the world-class Price Sound Lab at PRCN.

Link Price Version 7 Catalog

In this month's Buckdate, our team of product specialists have prepared articles with relevant technical data and product application information. 

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Control the Transfer of Heat/Cold Air with Greenheck ICD Dampers

Mike Leydon

ICD DamperThe Greenheck Insulated Control Damper Model ICD is ideal for outdoor air intake systems. The damper provides greater value in a building by significantly reducing the transfer of heat or cold and virtually eliminating condensation. The ICDs damper blade and frame is thermally broken and filled with polyurethane for superior insulating characteristics.

  • Variable Symmetrical Blade (VSB) design uses a combination of three symmetrical blade sizes to maximize the free area and minimize the pressure drop by reducing blade stop height.
  • Available in either opposed or parallel blade operation.
  • Blade linkage concealed in the insulated frame. This prevents any transfer point for cold or heat, unlike some of our competitor’s products. The linkage is engineered to accurately control each and every blade without need for adjustment.
  • Silicone or Optional 304SS blade and jamb seals are available. Note: silicon jam seals stay flexible in cold temperatures.
  • Dual bearing with acetal inner sleeve and flanged outer bearing features no metal-to-metal or metal-to-plastic contact.

With the continued emphasis on reducing the transfer of heat or cold it only makes sense to specify the ICD on your next outdoor air intake application.

Word Document ICD Catalog Page
Word Document Specification on Model ICD-44
Word Document Specification on Model ICD-45

Greenheck Expands Vari-Green Motor and Control Offerings

Steve Nemec

Varigreen MotorGreenheck is the pioneer in the application of ECM motors and control technologies for commercial fans and ventilators. As they continue to expand both offerings there are greater advantages to save energy, reduce maintenance and minimize installation and startup costs. Below are some of the latest updates:

  • Expanded Single Phase HP and Voltages up to 2 HP (3PH coming soon)
  • Expanded Models, Sizes and RPM Ranges – All Available in CAPS
  • Vari-Green Controls: Remote Dials, Two-Speed Control, Constant Static Pressure, and Constant CFM Controls

Greenheck is the leader in this technology and continues to expand their product offering allowing the design professionals improved controllability and energy efficiency. Also remember that many projects will qualify for rebates for using ECM motors.

Word Document Vari-Green Motor Product Catalog
Word Document Vari-Green Controls Catalog
Word Document Mass Save New Construction Rebate Program

Off Site Construction Can Save Money and Coordination Hassles

Bob Sirois

EAS Central Utility Plant
Consider Off-Site Constructed Central Utility Plants
Environmental Air Systems (EAS) has seen a marked trend, especially in the data center market, to build custom air handlers and their supporting central utility plants off-site. This could be as simple as a pump skid or as involved as a one-million CFM air handling unit and the supporting central utility plant. Consider some of the following reasons to consider building off-site.

Financial: Cost Certainty – Price is locked in. Pre-purchase provides cost certainty early in your project reducing the risks of escalation of material, equipment and labor costs. Total savings material, equipment and labor could be as much as 1-1.5 %.

Scheduling large projects well in advance guarantees a production slot and ensures delivery of the equipment on time. Total Savings due to efficiency we would expect to be around 1 %.

Engineering and Coordination: 3D Modeling, Full coordination during design process improves quality of drawings and project while reducing risks of change orders. Total savings is not realized in purchase price of the equipment, but in the overall project costs which could become a significant.

Better Installed Efficiency:
Early involved in the design process, eliminates some of the complicated duct and pipe layouts stick built plants are plagued with, which results in less friction looses and lower operating HP.

Direct Purchase Discount: Pre-purchase of an order direct from factory could be as much as 5 %.

Volume Discount: Pre-purchase of extremely large orders will typically carry a 2 % discount due to volume.

Final Quality Control: Visits by your design team, the client’s facilities department personnel and the project architect to effect changes as required prior to shipment which controls the final installed cost and helps avoid change orders.

When you factor all of the above in, there are a lot of compelling reasons to consider off-site construction.

LinkEnvironmental Air Systems Website

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