MAY 2016  
Greenheck Introduces FumeJet Pre-Engineered Exhaust System for Contaminated Air Systems

Vincent Maccarrone Greenheck's new FumeJet line of exhaust fans with integral stacks are designed to safely remove and disperse fumes and odors from the roof deck area and aid in preventing the re-entrainment of contaminated air into outdoor air intake systems.

Designed per ANSI Z9.2 standard for local exhaust systems, models FJC and FJI provide engineers with a quick, easy and cost effective alternative to the Greenheck Vektor-series laboratory exhaust products or field built up systems in commercial and industrial applications.

Single source responsibility on the FumeJet line will eliminate component misapplication, fit-up and performance issues due to field fit-up issues. Additionally, all AMCA certified FumeJet performance data includes losses associated with inlet boxes, dampers and stacks

FJC/FJI Key Features:

  • Performance range of up to 15,000 CFM and 8 inches WG
  • Corrosion resistant coatings standard
  • Class II construction
  • AMCA spark B or C spark resistance optional
  • Factory tested to withstand 92 mph wind speeds without need for guy wires
  • Optional curb cap inlet box with back draft damper positions fan over roof penetration, allowing vertical connection into a factory engineered plenum and eliminating roof mounted ductwork (see photo at right)

FumeJet exhaust systems are available for selection in the latest release of CAPS. Coming this summer, model FJC/FJI fans will be available with the UL-762 rating for use in commercial kitchen applications.

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Vincent Maccarrone

Vice President
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Reduce Energy Consumption by Incorporating Price/Ebtron Flow Control Station


Price Flow Control Stations (FCS) are specially designed terminal units to monitor and control large volumes of air in both supply and exhaust systems. This is accomplished with a low leakage control damper, a pre-mounted Ebtron thermal dispersion flow station, an optional hot water reheat coil (for supply air applications) and an integral Price silencer that can be highly customized to meet your job's flow and noise requirements.

When designing projects to meet volumetric offset and keep the zone positively pressurized the Price FCS will provide you with a pre-engineered product that reduces the chance for improper placement of the individual components. These applications include:

  • Multi-floor/Multi-Zone Office Buildings
  • Large Zones Supply/Exhaust
  • Multi-Tenant Metering
  • Parking Garages

Custom sizing of these units gives added flexibility when encountering dimensional limitations on your project such as low ceiling heights where a traditional VAV box would not fit. You can also save energy by taking advantage of Ebtron's thermal dispersion flow measurement and achieve greater turndown than would be permissible with a pitot array device.

When incorporating our Flow Control Stations on your job you can either use the quick selection chart in the back of our new brochure or reach out to your Buckley Engineering contact to make selections based on your job specific conditions.

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Harness the Power of Wind with Edmonds ecoPOWER Hybrid Gravity Ventilator

Edmonds created the world's first true HYBRID ventilator by adding a high performance EC brushless DC motor to their Hurricane gravity ventilator design. Where gravity ventilators require heat or wind to function, and motorized ventilators depend on power: Edmonds ecoPOWER hybrid ventilator combines these products into a single energy efficient and cost effective solution.

The ecoPOWER provides free passive ventilation when wind and heat drive rotation and energy efficient powered air flow when you need it. Edmonds ecoPOWER hybrid ventilators offer the best energy efficiency and lowest noise in the natural and powered modes.

The Edmonds ecoPOWER hybrids are being utilized in applications where you can take advantage of natural ventilation due to the architecture of the building. These applications include: schools/universities, churches, factories, warehouses, waste water facilities, gymnasiums, parking garages, and other endless sectors that need to remove heat and improve air quality.

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Price Introduces New Constant Volume, Low Profile Terminal Box for use with DOAS Systems

DOAS offers energy saving benefits which complement the design goals of Green/LEED buildings. Benefits include energy efficient hydronic cooling combined with reduced air volumes and air handler size. The FDCLP2 with sensible cooling coil option comes with a standard ECM motor which provides significant energy savings compared to PSC motors.

With the sensible cooling coil option a DOAS air handler is used to dehumidify and condition the outdoor air as well as handle the space latent load. By managing the space sensible load with the sensible cooling coil, the DOAS air handler can be sized to deliver only the airflow required for ventilation and latent loads, resulting in a smaller HVAC system, translating into fan energy savings; proper humidity control at each zone; and eliminating over-ventilation.

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