MARCH 2014  
A Lower Cost Alternative to Odor & Grease Mitigation

Vincent Maccarrone Buckley Associates is pleased to announce exclusive representation of the AirMaid V-Series Ozone Cleaning System throughout the Northeast. Interzon AB of Stockholm, Sweden is Europe’s leading manufacturer of ozone generators with product lines for many industries. Their AirMaid V-Series for ventilation ducts is their first product to be launched in North America, and Buckley is proud and excited to have been chosen to become their first authorized reseller.

GreaseOzone generators have long been known to be the most effective odor control devices available, and although AirMaid has been sold and used for many years throughout Europe, until now this unique application has been virtually unknown to the North American marketplace.

The AirMaid V-Series is specially designed for restaurants, industrial kitchens or other organic material processing facilities where the requirements for odor elimination or grease control are very high. The technology is so effective at reducing odor that fast food restaurants in even tightly-packed residential historical areas such as Rome, Italy are using them.

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Videolink Airmaid Product in Action (Video)
Airmaid Website

Vincent Maccarrone
Vice President
(781) 681-3206

Save Money with Less Control Points with Ebtron's New Fan Array Airflow Monitoring and Fault Detection Transmitter

Mike LeydonMichael Leydon | (781) 681-3265

Ebtron has introduced the latest advance in fan inlet measurement with their Advantage 3 Fan Airflow Gold Series model. The GTx108-F is EBTRON’s solution for accurate and repeatable airflow measurement in fan inlets for applications such as:

  • Fan Airflow Tracking
  • Makeup/Exhaust Airflow Measurement and Control
  • Air Change Verification and Control
  • Fan Array Airflow Monitoring and Fault Detection

Fan ArrayThe features of the Advantage 3 series are abundant and support single, dual and fan arrays with the ability to measure up to 8 fans on 1 transmitter. This feature provides many cost efficiencies from control point savings to labor saving installations. Additional highlights are:

  • Unsurpassed thermal dispersion technology
  • Use on single, dual and fan arrays
  • Supports up to 8 fans on 1 transmitter
  • Individual fan airflow measurement
  • Individual fan airflow alarm
  • Accurate and repeatable
  • Does not affect fan performance
  • Adjustable mounting brackets to meet fan inlet conditions

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Ebtron GTx108-F Specification
Link Ebtron Advantage GTx108-F Website

DUCTSox Fabric Duct Products for Critical Environment and Underfloor Applications

Steve NemecDavid Archibald | (781) 681-3266

DuctSox has developed a more technical line of products for critical environments and innovative solutions for Underfloor Air Distribution.

Delivering large volumes of air required in most laboratories can prove challenging with typical diffusers. Combining a wide array of specialty air porous fabrics with innovative shapes or assemblies, DuctSox Critical Environments products take on seemingly impossible challenges for laboratory, clean room, vivarium, microscopy and even kitchen applications. With models using industry standard 2x2 or 2x4 D-Fuser MetalPan models, products can be implemented easily into design. The resulting “Surround-Flow” airflow type is best described as a blend of laminar and radial flow, resulting in very low noise and directional drafting.

Harvard University, LISE HallAs building owners seek higher flexibility, more are choosing raised floor systems and underfloor air distribution (UFAD). Properly mixing supply airflow into the UFAD plenum is a key component for a successful project and may offer significant improvement in efficiency.

After years of research with the Center for the Built Environment (CBE) and successful installations, UFSox products have emerged as one of the leading methods to introduce airflow into a UFAD plenum. Included ASHRAE’s new UFAD Guide: Design, Construction and Operation of Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD), UFSox are applicable for new system design or retrofits to address challenges with unintended temperature gain.

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Underfloor SOX Product Brochure

Improve Speech Privacy Between Spaces with Price Air Transfer Silencers

Air Transfer Silencers
Steve Nemec

Steve Nemec | (781) 681-3211

Price offers the widest selection of air transfer silencers in the industry based on years of relevant experience. Air transfer silencers ensure that ceiling and wall openings used for air transfer do not become noise flanking paths. This noise reduction is also relevant for air moving equipment radiated noise, such as fan coils, terminals, and exhaust fans.

Air Transfer SilencersBecause air transfer silencers provide more noise reduction than typical ceiling tile, they eliminate any noise flanking path that would otherwise create a hot spot in the occupied space air transfer silencers allow for more flexible space layouts and mechanical equipment placement. They also can result in significant cost savings because of their simplified installation. Lined return boots are often recommended, but they have several drawbacks. For one, lined return boots are usually field fabricated with no reliable performance data. They also require additional labor due to support requirements and their height often limits installation especially in crowded or shallow plenum conditions. Because Price is the market leader in air distribution, they are able to pair noise control and air moving products for seamless integration on any project.

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