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Selecting Efficient Fans - How Revisions to ASHRAE 90.1 and the DOE will Regulate Fan Efficiency

Vincent Maccarrone In January, the Buckley Associates Marketing and Engineering team hosted Tony Rossi, Vice President of Marketing at Greenheck Fan Corporation. Tony spent four days in the greater Boston area educating specifying engineers on the AMCA 205-10 FEG (Fan Efficiency Grade) Metric and the implementation of FEGs into ASHRAE 90.1-2010/2012.

The FEG Metric, based upon fan static efficiency, will affect the way in which specifying engineers select fans and view fan efficiency in relation to ASHRAE 90.1 and other energy standards as early as June of this year. Language in ASHRAE 90.1 based upon AMCA 205 requires fans to meet a minimum FEG and that fan design point operation shall be within 15 percentage points of the peak total efficiency. Greenheck Fan Corporation among others indicate that this new metric is flawed and is not a true representation of fan efficiency because of the following:

  • Measures peak total efficiency rather than fan input power. As a result, fans operating at a greater FEG could be operating at higher BHPs
  • Heavily dependent on fan type
  • No variation along fan curve

Regardless of these deficiencies, FEG's will be adopted into energy standards for the short term. In the long term, the DOE will need to adopt a fan efficiency regulation using fan BHP (Break Horse Power). This future Fan Efficiency Regulation will be the FER (Fan Efficiency Ratio) and is currently being developed by Greenheck engineers alongside other industry leaders. FERs is a function of fan BHP, independent of fan type, varies along the fan curve and will be a true representation of energy savings.

AMCA has published a white paper introducing fan effect ratios that is listed below for download.

Link Introducing Fan Efficiency Ratios: An AMCA Whitepaper
Word Document Greenheck Energy Guide: Fan Efficiency Grades
Word Document Understanding Fan Efficiency Grades: Greenheck Whitepaper

Vincent Maccarrone

Vice President
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Control Your DOAS-System More Efficiently with the Ebtron CENSus Occupancy Counting Device

People CounterEbtron has recently launched their latest building automation product, the CENSus People Counter. The primary application for this device is to provide tighter control when employing demand controlled ventilation control sequences in conference rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms and other spaces that have a large population variation throughout the day.

The most common method for DCV’s population estimates to this point has been the use of wall mounted CO2 sensors. There are several shortcomings associated with using CO2 measurement for room population that were the impetus for Ebtron to develop a different technology for this information. The first problem is that CO2 is not a direct measurement of population, it is an approximation that could vary heavily depending on environmental conditions, room activities and sensor accuracy and drift. The second problem is that CO2 has a long lag time associated with its reading. The DCV control sequence may not start until halfway through a meeting and it may not stop until well after the meeting is over, wasting energy and only partially accomplishing its goal.

Mounted on the top portion of a single wide door frame the CENSus people counter works by measuring thermal “entrance” and “exit” events going into and out of a single width door. The CENSus provides an instant count of the people in the room and is accurate within +/- 5%. With an accurate population count the building management system can treat and deliver only what outside air is necessary to comply with ASHRAE 62.1 DCV requirements providing a much tighter means of control than CO2 dilution.

Demand Controlled Ventilation is one of the solutions the CENSus offers but there are many other applications where it can be employed, such as building security and fire code enforcement/verification.

Word Document Ebtron CENSus Product Overview Document
Ebtron Website

Price Introduces Next Generation Fan Filter Unit

Fan Filter UnitPrice has recently released the next generation of high efficiency Fan Filter Units. The FFU-HE line is the most energy efficient unit available and is designed specifically for use in clean rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and microelectronic manufacturing facilities, the FFU-HE delivers high volumes of HEPA (or ULPA) filtered air at low sound levels, while reducing energy consumption by up to 50% versus comparable products.

Fan Filter Units are typically used in specialized environments where high volumes of clean air are required to achieve high air changes in a space. Integrated HEPA/ULPA filters ensure that ultra-clean air is delivered with a unidirectional vertical downward airflow pattern into the space. Integrated high efficiency motors are designed to overcome the static pressure of the filter, and are ideal for retrofit applications where the installed air handler is not able to provide the required static of filtered laminar flow diffusers.

The new FFU-HE model offers several important new features and options to save energy, first cost, installation time and maintenance time: Increased energy efficiency with the ECM motor, Also paired with the new high efficiency backwards-curved blower wheel. Decreased energy consumption means potentially thousands of dollars in electricity per year can be saved in large installations.

Ultimate Control and Monitoring with the new BACnet Flow Control (BFC) module. The BFC allows for full control and monitoring of the FFU-HE over a BACnet network. The native BACnet and BTL listed controller facilitate adjustment and/or monitoring of several parameters, including CFM output, motor RPM, filter status and runtime. In installations where no front-end network is available, the Price BFC Front-End Software (BFC-FE) offers the same level of control and convenience via a graphic interface, which can be monitored and controlled over the internet.

Room Side Removable Filters (RSR) allow for the HEPA/ULPA filter to be removed and replaced from the room side, while the FFU-HE remains installed in the ceiling. The tool free design, integrated knife edge and gel track filters provide quick and easy maintenance. This design eliminates the need to remove the unit from the ceiling for filter changes, saving time and money.

The FFU-HE is a feature-rich, high efficiency next generation Fan Filter Unit. When combined with the new BACnet controller, a comprehensive and cost effective system solution is created for both large and small installations.

Word Document Price FFU-HE High Efficiency Fan Filter Unit Product Overview

Varigreen Controls Now Available on 3-10HP Motors via Greenheck Vari-Green Drive (VGD)

The two most commonly asked questions about Greenheck’s Vari-Green EC Motor is: “When will it be available in larger sizes and is it available in 3-Phase?"

The answer to both of these questions is YES! In order for Greenheck to provide this solution, they've developed the Vari-Green Drive (VGD) which is a factory-mounted/wired, variable speed control for motors up to 3 HP today and up to 10 HP coming soon. These new drives expand the Vari-Green concept of variable speed fans to more models and sizes.

VGD Model 100 Features Available Now in CAPS 4.19!

  • GB and CUBE fans
  • 208-240V up to 2 HP
  • 460V up to 3 HP
  • 24V damper power output
  • NEMA 4x enclosure - 3 phase motors only

Coming soon to VGD!

  • Sidewall and Prop Fans
  • Ability to install in larger motors up to 10 HP
  • Model 100 Plus
    • Smart phone App to view status, configure inputs and outputs, and more
    • 4 configurable digital inputs
    • Configurable digital inputs o BACnet communications

Word Document
Greenheck Vari-Green Drive Product Overview

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ASHRAE Product Show

On Tuesday, April 12, 2016 from 3:00pm - 8:15pm the ASHRAE Boston Chapter will host the bi-annual New Product & Energy Show at Lantana's on Rte 28 in Randolph. Please join the Buckley team as we showcase new products and technology that are available from our vendors including products within this article:


· Greenheck Vari-Green Drive (VGD)

· Greenheck Vektor SAAVE Variable Geometry Nozzle Technology for Laboratory Exhaust Systems

· Price LFD3 Laminar Flow Diffuser, FFU-HE High-Efficiency Fan Filter Unit, and HDCR Ceiling System

· Ebtron CENSus People Counter


· AQC Q-Duct Preinsulated Duct Systems for Outdoor Applications and Blue Duct for Underground Applications

· Airmaid Grease and Odor Mitigation Product

· TSI and Price Critical Control Systems for Hospitals and Laboratories

For More Information on the ASHAE Boston Product Show visit their website.

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Dean LeesDean Lees joined the Buckley engineering team in late November as a Technical Sales Engineer. Dean will be providing technical guidance on the proper application, selection, and installation of our represented engineered products to the engineering community.

Dean is thrilled to bring his eight years of experience in the HVAC industry to Buckley Associates. His career began at mechanical contractor J.C. Cannistraro, where he gained knowledge of the construction process, working both as an assistant project manager and an MEP coordinator. More recently, Dean worked for MEP/FP consultant firm RFS Engineering, as a mechanical engineer and project manager. His contact information is below:

Dean Lees
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Cell: (978) 239-4581

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